No one should be scared to drink water. 💧

Help share more VF100 water filters with mothers like Roxana in Guatemala and other communities in need.

Clean water changes and saves lives. Together let’s help individuals who need it most, one water filter and well at a time.
Donate today at the link in our bio.

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Clean water gives us joy, it helps us live, yet not everyone has access to it.

Let’s change that.

Together we can recognize the power of clean water and stand for a future where everyone can access the health and opportunities clean water provides.

Join us in drilling ...wells and giving water filters to provide access to clean water for women, children, and families around the world. Tap the link in our bio to learn more.

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What happens when when you donate to Water for Life Charity?

Your gift goes directly to one of our water projects to serve communities in need. Your gift provides water filters and clean water wells. Your gift provides economic and educational opportunities. Your gift provides health. Your... gift provides life and hope.

As a small, volunteer-run nonprofit organization, your donation goes directly to the people and communities who need it most. Any overhead costs are funded by specified corporate donors, and because of our sustainable model to partner with organizations already going to in-need regions, your donations go toward clean water resources instead of logistics.

Help us change and save lives one water filter and well at a time.

Tap the link in our bio to donate today.

Empowerment and education are part of the solution. Will you help us solve the world water crisis?

Providing the well or water filter to access clean water is only the first step. Training and empowering individuals and communities to maintain that resource is where lives are changed. ...

Communities need clean water long after we leave a village. When we teach hygiene and maintenance, we ensure that individuals will continue to access clean water and the many opportunities it brings for years to come.

Help us solve the world water crisis by providing resources and empowering the individuals who need it most.

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Share with someone who cares! Let us know in the comments which cause you’re passionate about.

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This post is for all the mothers. 💙 The mothers who walk hours for water to provide for their families. 💙 The mothers who learn all they can to teach their children and community. 💙 The mothers who show love in the little moments. 💙 The mothers who heal hearts. 💙 The mothers looking improve the lives of everyone around them.

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate every mother and mother figure. Tag your mother and mother figures in the comments!

Together, let’s make sure every mother has access to clean water.

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Clean, safe drinking water is a catalyst for communities.

This fall we will be in Tanzania to help @roam.humanitarian build a school, orphanage and community center. Drilling a well and installing a water system allows for this center to be a healthy, safe space where both children and ...their community can grow.

For this incredible project we will need to raise $12,000 to dig and install the well and the water infrastructure for the facility.

And we need your help!

Join us in making change and empowering communities through clean water and the good it provides. Click the link in our bio to learn more and donate today. 💧

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One water filter can make all the difference. 💧

Waterborne diseases take more children’s lives than violence in conflict zones. Let’s save and change lives, one water filter at a time. Donate a filter at the link in our bio today.

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Every child has the right to clean water, but not everyone has access to it.

Our mission is to give life and hope to children and families in developing countries by sharing the tools to take the water they have and make it safe to use.

Visit the link in our bio to join us

📷: @roam.humanitarian

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Together we prove the power of collaboration. 💧

Last month we distributed 1,000 VF100 water filters to in-need families in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. That’s 8,000 more people who have access to clean, safe drinking water and 8,000 more individuals who have better health, education and ...economic opportunities.

This water project is the result of collaboration for good. Water for Life Charity helped fund filters with our sister organization @water4life_ministry who in turn helped distribute the filters and ran filter maintenance and water hygiene trainings in-country. Kellanova Better Days then funded our in-country implementation team with @sarapesocial. When we work together, the opportunities to do good and share clean water are endless.

This April was part one of this incredible project. In June we will be distributing another 1,000 water filters to this region. Join us in making sure everyone can access clean, safe water. Visit the link in our bio to learn more.

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Everyone deserves clean water and the opportunities it brings. 💧

The communities we visited on our most recent water project to Fiji this month are remote and in need, but because of their location getting resources and needed water infrastructure is often a challenge.

For ...this project on the Fijian island of Taveuni, we distributed and helped assemble 110 VF100 water filters. These filters will provide clean, safe drinking water for these families and communities for years to come. This means more economic stability. More health. More educational opportunities.

After visiting these communities and seeing the current damaged condition of water tanks, Water for Life Charity will be going back to the area with four new water tanks for the local K-8 school, as well as 25 more filters for families in the community.

With so many people and communities to serve, our model of partnering with other cause-based organizations like @roam.humanitarian allows us to focus more efforts and resources on water filters and training than on logistics.

Thank you for helping make these lifesaving and life changing water projects possible. Let’s continue changing and saving lives one filter and well at a time.

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As we think about the water challenges we face this Earth Day, let’s also celebrate the opportunities and bright path forward.

Just this past month hundreds of individuals gained access to clean, safe water through Water for Life Charity water projects in Fiji and Tanzania.

...Together let's celebrate the sustainable, life-changing water solutions we can share before next Earth Day.

In the meantime, here are a few ways to participate in and celebrate Earth Day this year:

💧 Learn more about the water crisis and current water issues affecting our planet

💧 Donate to a water project at the link in our bio to provide water filters and clean water wells for communities in developing countries

💧 Take a drink of water and reflect on the privilege to access clean, safe water every day. Share these thoughts with someone or on this post.

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Comment what you're looking forward to! This spring, let's change and save lives through clean water.

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Chimaltenango, Guatemala is about 2,000 miles away from where you are in the US right now.

Los Angeles to New York City is 2,789 miles.

The families in need of water are closer than you think.

Donate to help provide water filters and wells to countries without access to... clean water. 💧

Clean water is the gift that keeps giving. 💧

In August 2022 catastrophic floods struck Pakistan. One third of the country was underwater, and 33 million individuals–primarily children–were left trying to survive.

With your support, Water for Life Charity distributed 296 ...VF100 water filter kits to high-risk communities through our partner on the ground Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD).

With those filters, 1,766 individuals across six cities were able to access life-saving clean water.

These same filters continue to provide clean, safe water today.

Thank you for helping change and save lives, one water filter at a time. Together, let’s fund more water projects and share even more life-saving water solutions. Tap the link in our bio to learn more.

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