Celebrating Earth Day – April 22, 2022

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world” -Howard Zinn 

Earth Day is a time to reflect and be thankful for everything the Earth does for us. It is also a time to strengthen our relationship with nature, to give back, and to think of ways we can work to better support the Earth for future generations.

Helping to protect and provide clean water is about taking care of people inside and out. Whether donating to help bring clean water or just sharing your newfound knowledge and passion for clean water with a friend, each of us can take action to improve the state of clean water access around the world.

What can we do:

For just $50, which covers the cost of the filter system and shipping, an entire family will gain access to safe drinking water. With this system, roughly 150 gallons of bacteria-free water is produced every hour. Moreover, each system is capable of producing a total of one million gallons and requires minimal maintenance. Learn more about this amazing life saving filter.

People like you, from more than 100 countries around the world, are proving just how unstoppable we are when we work together. 

Because access to clean water shouldn’t just make life easier. It should help keep communities beautiful for the generations to come.

Since 2010, Water For Life Charity has been on a mission to bring clean and safe water to people in need, specifically those living in the most remote, rural corners of the world.
The numbers that surround the water crisis have changed several times over the past 12 years. More than one billion people lacked access to clean water when we first began. More recently, that number decreased 60%.
Now, alongside the rest of the global water sector, we’re taking the next step forward in ending the water crisis by committing to reach more people, with a higher quality of service and better access to clean water.

With your help, we believe we can end the water crisis in our lifetime. Give clean water every month. You can help us by donating here. Your support will save thousands of families and children. 

Consider a donation to keep the earth green, the water blue, and the flowers blooming! 

Happy Earth Day, friends!!!!!!

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