Exciting news our new Water4Life volunteer section just went live!!

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting our web site. I’m excited to announce that our new volunteer section just went live on our web site and I think you are going to really have fun with it. Now you can be part of our ministry to help save children/lives in the world, by choosing today to become a Water4Life volunteer and plan your first fundraiser.

Please click on our new ” Volunteer ” link and check it out!! Then click on the link ” Get started ” and create your first imaginary campaign ( for now ) or real campaign and try out all the features ie; upload personal and campaign photos, describe your campaign and goal, check out the edit capability and then click on your personal link to send to folks, so they can go straight to your campaign page etc.

On your campaign page, it will show in real time the donations that come through Paypal, # of days left in your campaign and how much you still need to raise and what is really cool, at the bottom of your campaign page, each donor name will show up, the amount they donated and they can type in a comment like “Great cause, Grace! My friends and I want to help you reach your goal…you go girl!! “

Please decide right now to become a Water4Life Volunteer. Do something special with your life, with your time….decide to save children/lives in the world, who as you are reading this, are forced to drink contaminated water that will most likely kill them!!

Can’t wait to meet you!…Thanks for helping us save children/lives in the world.


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