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Water Filter Help in Malawi

At Water For Life, we work with our brothers and sisters in the world who daily live in inhumane conditions.  These women, children and families consistently live in troubling physical environments which threaten their lives on a daily basis.  However, there are times, and it may seem hard to believe, where circumstances become even more grievous.

Take for instance the heavy seasonal rainfall in December 2014 causing flooding in Southern Africa.  Affected areas included Malawi, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and by January 16th 2015, over 135,000 people had been affected.

Unfortunately, in Malawi, crops, livestock and infrastructure all been damaged extensively.  In fact, the damage was so bad – the President of the Republic of Malawi declared a State of Disaster in 15 of the affected districts out of 28. As of January 21st 2015 over 600,000 people were affected (ReliefWeb). Video details of the devastation can be seen here in this video.

This is where Water For Life has resources to help. On February 3,2015, we put the news out to our followers on our Facebook account and our supporters came through. With the support of our contributors, we were able to send the desperate families of Malawi over 100 filters.

Below you will see pictures of Dan Gillespie of Miqlat who is helping distribute the 25 filters we raised funds for in Malawi.  Dan had reported this to us from the region:

Malawi - Water Filter Systems
Dan Gillespie in Malawi – Water Filter Set Up

Dear friends and partners,

The heavy rains that caused so much damage seem to be over, but this is the rainy season and it continues to rain almost every other day and with the soil so saturated any heavy rains can still do damage to the villages.

On Friday we went out to one of the emergency camps in the village of Mitabali about 3 miles from the Kogoya Hope Center.

The government set these camp up to house those homes that had been either so damaged that they could not stay or where washed away.

We delivered maize, salt, soap, sugar and bundles of black plastic. You can see it in the photos it is bundled in the bright yellow plastic.   The will use the plastic to repair homes until the dry season (mid April ) when they can make new mud bricks.  Most of the village Latrines have caved in or are pretty useless.

Water Filter Help in Malawi
Make Shift Home

Reports of malaria and cholera have been reported…there is standing water everywhere.  They will make temp latrines with the black plastic Blantyre is out mosquito nets, so we are scrambling to find new sources.

We also gave the camp 2 of the water filter systems which can produce together 300 gal. a day of clean drinking water.  You can see the in-service that was given to the local leadership on how to set up the systems.  We added the 18 liter bucket to make is ready to use immediately.

Displaced Villagers - Malawi Flood
Displaced Villagers – Malawi Flood

Thank you for making this happen.  I am confident that the supplies you funded are going to the people that need them the most.  The Miqlat staff have been going out of their comfort zone, not to mention the additional hours this effort takes.

I will leave this Friday and be home Saturday, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

Your Fellow Servant,

Dan Gillespie


On behalf of Water For Life – Thank You quick donors to the project the families in Malawi needed so desperately!  These are the kinds of results you can expect when donating to Water For Life. Please click on this link to help us with this or any future project.

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