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Children are suffering and facing certain death in the mountains of Guatemala from malnutrition, because they only have contaminated water to drink.

In this short video below, you will see the first filters that we supplied our partner World Help, bringing safe, clean drinking water to over 1,500 children and family members in the mountains, saving countless children from certain death. You will also see water gushing from a new well dug in the town below the mountains….God is Great!!

Early March, Dep Tuany will be taking over 100 Sawyer water filters to South Sudan bringing safe, clean drinking water to over 5,000 children/family members. Dep and his family trekked over 1,500 miles to Ethiopia, escaping the Genocide that was happening in South Sudan. His 2 year old son died from drinking contaminated water while on this trek ( Please keep checking back to see this video ).

Also in March, we will be sending our fourth lot of Sawyer filters ( 75 to 100 ) to our partner in Vietnam. Mark and his wife sold their home in CA and are now living there, saving children from a life of sex trafficking in Vietnam and Cambodia…contaminated water causes children to be sold into this horrific life!!

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