Hurricane Matthew Relief Effort Success. Your Donations Made a Difference.

Thank You For Your Support

We at Water for Life want to start off by thanking all of you who donated to our previous relief efforts in Haiti after the devastation that was left there from Hurricane Matthew. Your money directly helped children and families in Haiti who had no access to clean water as a result of the destruction caused by mass amounts of water and flooding.

The biggest concern among the Haitian people after the hurricane was Cholera, which humans get by drinking contaminated water. It is one of the main causes of death, especially in babies and small children, after a flood occurs.

Past Relief Efforts

As a result of your giving efforts, we were able to donate 650 total water filters to those in need in Haiti. The filters were distributed through two main groups that we partner with there.

One group, Mission of Hope, received 500 water filters from us, as a result of your donations, which were then directly distributed to families in the Dame Marie Region. The filters helped to save countless children from sickness and death.

The second group, SOSACE Haiti, led by its founder, Jean Charles, distributed 150 water filters near the end of October in the Les Cayes district, which included Maniche, Torbeck, Durcisse, and Boval. Jean and his team also delivered filters to families in the mountain regions who previously had no access to clean water.

Continuing the Effort

We are up to the task to keep the cause going, as there are still many areas of Haiti where people are drinking unclean water.

As the end of the year draws near, we ask you to consider making a final year-end donation. All donations are tax deductible so take advantage and help us out in any way that you can!

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