Message from Mark

Hello everyone, thank you again for visiting our website and my Blog. This time I just want to share with you our partner Mark’s email below and the video we put together recently from footage Mark sent us. We have now sent Mark approximately 200 filters….thank you each so much for helping us save the precious, forgotten children in the world….Rudy.

Dear Rudy and Partners,

I want to thank you for your latest donation of sixty water filters for us here at Why Not Now Ministries! We are so grateful for the tremendous blessing you are to us and the precious children and families we reach here in South East Asia. As you may know, the two largest causes of death in the world are mosquito bites and diseased drinking water. We know there is a solution and it really is amazing to be able to provide that solution through these water filters.

Our organization is committed to rescuing children from trafficking and ones that have been orphaned. In doing so we are in some of the poorest communities throughout Cambodia and Việt Nam. Many times parents are forced to sell their children due to illness of a family member and the stress it puts on their already desperate situation. These filters are vital to keeping children healthy so the family unit stays intact and functioning.

The filters we just received, will not only be distributed in Cambodia and Việt Nam, but some will also be distributed in Thailand. I will reserve giving out too many details of locations at this point due to the sensitivity of the situation here. I am writing to you now from Việt Nam and I must be selective when it comes to information. Know this, that these filters are reaching people in extreme situations. Some will go to the homes of rescued children and others into villages as a preventative tool. We will take some pictures and videos and will be able to expound after the distribution. I wish I could tell you more now but trust you understand. Distributions will take place within the next thirty days.

If you believe in prayer and its power, please pray for safe travels and delivery. Thank you!

Again, I am so thankful to your Ministry Rudy, and brag about your organization to everyone I know. You fill such a vital role, a link in the chain, if you will, that is so needed if we are truly going to reach the people in the most desperate situations. There are so many others like myself that have the privilege of going to some of the darkest regions, but to have to also spend time and resources procuring the filters would be difficult to say the least. Having an organization like yours that selflessly and generously provides these filters is literally a LIFE SAVER. It gives me chills just writing that.

Thank you in advance for your continued partnership. It is our dream and vision to see the entire world have the opportunity to drink clean safe drinking water. Together we are seeing villages and communities live in that dream!

Much Love,
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