Project launch web site!

Hooray…we just went live on June 10, 2011.

Hello everyone, my name is Rudy Shaffer and this is my very first post to our Blog…to any Blog. I have to share with you that this Blog, Facebook and Twitter stuff is brand new to me, so please bare with me while I figure it all out. If it’s Ok, I’m just going to share with you this first time some things to look for on our web site…WELCOME!!

Our main goal as soon as possible, is to actually post exciting photos and stories from the field, talking about the life saving water projects we are supporting around the world because of your loving, giving hearts. We already have several life saving projects to tell you about, please check out Our Project page.

After 5 months of our web site designer Mike putting up with me, we finally went LIVE!! YEA!! And I now know what Mike meant when he told me Rudy… a web site is never done! Please be sure to go to Our Start page, so you can find out why we first started down this path to do our very best to help save children/lives in the world by providing safe drinking water.

I’m so happy to share with each of you, that since starting down this path, God has already blessed this ministry with an amazing team, a strong group of Board members and sixteen incredible organizations who have already partnered with us to help save children/lives in impoverished countries….please make sure to check out Our Partners page.

And we are still in the process of contacting dozens of new mission organizations and thousands of missionaries and pastors planted in third world countries to partner with…please check out Our Strategy page to read more about this. We are so excited to see what God has planned for us!

OK, I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for coming to our web site. Decide now to EMPOWER YOURSELF…Please Join us, become a Water4Life volunteer or Water4life courier and or make a donation so you can be part of changing the horrific statistic that a child dies in the world EVERY 20 SECONDS because they simply have no choice but to drink contaminated water.

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