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India - Slums - Two Children - Water Filters Save Lives

The pictures we see from around the world never cease to amaze us here at  Water For Life. The conditions our brothers and sisters live in throughout developing countries are truly daunting.

Sometimes the feeling of being overwhelmed with the work of lifting up the living conditions, even for a small few comparatively, takes an emotional effort not to feel discouraged.

However, when we travel to deliver water filters or see the pictures that come back from our partners, there is one consistent lift we always count on: there will be pictures of smiling faces in the crowds of kids.

India - Slums - Two Children - Water Filters Save Lives

Everywhere we aim to help – we see a consistent message of hope and happiness in the eyes of young children, and their smiling faces that never cease to inspire us.

The slums of Kathputli Colony, Delhi, India are no different. As reported by one of our partners, Keri Bryant, from “Rising Star International,” along with “PETE of India,” the infectious smiles among the poorest of India are ever present.

Keri and her daughters spent two weeks traveling through India this summer with Sally Gardner Read, the current president of Rising Star International, raising awareness with their friends and family about the challenging conditions there. While they traveled the country they gave filters to Pete of India to distribute.

India - Slums - Water Filters Save Lives

These pictures continue to inspire, uplift, enlighten, energize, drive and push us to do more each day. Hopefully we can reach out to these great kids and improve their lives in some possible way.

John Wooden said, “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”

Thank you to the smiling children of the world who we try to but may never be able to repay.


India - Slums - Water Filters Save Lives
India - Slums - Four Children - Boys
India - Slums - One Child - Girl smiles water filters
India - Slums - Four Children - Three Girls, One Boy

Please consider a generous donation to Water for Life’s cause. We always like to point out that we are currently a 100% volunteer, nonprofit giving the tools to have clean, safe drinking water.

Our Water Filters:

For $25, you can send a water filter that can do the following:

  • Filter 100-150 gallons of water a day from a simple bucket system
  • Will last 3-5 years
  • Has no moving parts and is portable
  • Filters ALL water borne diseases
  • Can lift an entire family of 5-10 people out of desperate conditions

Our filters have the ability to show children a clear glass of water for the first time in their lives; they tell their own literal stories of saving lives.

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