Welcome to #GivingTuesday!

#GivingTuesday! November 30, 2021

At Water For Life Charity, we rely on our donors’ support to keep the progress of clean water moving forward. With a 100% volunteer staff, our donations come through supporters who know their entire gift goes directly to helping women, children and families receive clean water solutions, so they can live productive, healthy lives.

Join the global movement to better the lives of people all around the world as each $25 donation supplies a family with one filter and two buckets with the potential to filter thousands of gallons of bacteria contaminated water into safe, clean, drinkable water.

You can make Giving Tuesday a special day this year by giving $25 or more to help families in need of a sustainable water solution. We empower the most vulnerable women and children with a filtering system giving them the power to live more productive lives by not having to drink water that will typically cause sickness or potentially death.

Water For Life Charity helps children of all nationalities in many developing countries. Since 2011, we have shipped over 24,000 filters to over 20 countries including: Cambodia, Yemen, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Guatemala. Peru, Mexico, and many more.

Donating to Water For Life Charity tackles poverty at its core. Dirty water is one the leading causes to keeping families in poor areas from rising to their potential. If children are gathering water or in the hospital suffering, they cannot be in school or learning a family business.

Our filters provide the following solutions:

  • Filter will remove all bacteria and Protozoa 
  • Every $25 literally saves lives 
  • 1 filter helps a family of 10 have safe clean drinking water 
  • 5 gallons per hour 
  • 50 gallons or per day 
  • Will last over 5 years in hard conditions 

Make a lifesaving donation for families in developing countries counts as a collective effort with all others donating on Giving Tuesday. Together, we can provide a healthier life for thousands of our fellow humans across the globe this holiday season and throughout the year.

Knowing our solutions help those in need can help you feel confident you are giving to the right type of organization. WE KEEP COSTS DOWN. Our mission is to maximize donors’ funds at a 100% donation level. Water For Life Charity’s business donors pay for our general operating expenses allowing each donation given to be used only for clean water solutions.

  • Expenses are paid by corporate donors 
  • All volunteers contribute to the cause 
  • Registered 501(c)3 in the United States 
  • 20,000 filters distributed to over 20 countries since 2011 
  • We distribute through nonprofit partners around the world 

Thank you for your support!

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