Solution to the Water Crisis in Developing Countries

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How Does the Water for Life Filter Work? Click here to see the filter technology.

For people living in developing countries, poor sanitation and a lack of safe water are critical issues. Water for Life is a visionary organization with a simple yet far-reaching solution. They’ve developed a cost-efficient filter system that is small, easy-to-use, low-maintenance, and fast. The Water for Life filter brings safe portable drinking water to people who desperately need it.

For just $50, which covers the cost of the filter system and shipping, an entire family and a few of their neighbors will gain access to safe drinking water. With this system, roughly 150 gallons of bacteria-free water is produced every hour. Moreover, each system is capable of producing a total of one million gallons and requires minimal maintenance. Learn more about this amazing life saving filter.

To accomplish our goal of providing people in developing countries with lifesaving water filters, Water for Life is working to build partnerships with as many mission organizations as possible. In exchange, each organization receives several filter systems and provides feedback as to the total number that can be deployed throughout the world.

Water for Life is working to secure funding so each mission organization can be supplied with the number of water filters needed in the communities they serve. In addition, Water for Life continues to form enduring partnerships with reputable organizations that have perfected both the technology and skills needed to provide sustainable drinking water solutions within respective countries.

As Water for Life grows, our strategy is to help these partners who have been embedded within specific countries for years. They know the local customs, language, and, most importantly, what is needed to save lives.

How Does the Water for Life Filter Work? Click here to see the filter technology.

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