I think I have shed more tears on this trip then then maybe my entire life all together. We were at the floating villages yesterday, climbing up onto homes where over 5,000 people live 12 ft above the water for when it floods and also 2 schools that both hold over 200 children each, giving them water filters. It felt so so good to do this of course, but here and the villages on the ground, you see hundreds and hundreds of these beautiful, smiling children and they just melt and break your heart, running around bare footed and their clothes so dirty and their hair and bodies so dirty…but they are just so so precious, you just want to take each one back with you and just love on them. I have to figure out how to come back here soon with hundreds to thousands of filters somehow!! They drink the water right out of the river and it’s brown in color and guess where they all go to the bathroom living on the water….yep, you guessed it. I loved sampling the water after it was filtered to show the people how safe the water is….they were pretty blown away that I drank their water!!

The people here are so peaceful and friendly, I can’t even put it into words and the beautiful country and temples…it’s simply amazing. I realize now that I need our Ministry to focus more on saving children here. I would love to live here, I really would and spend the rest of my life saving one child at at time.

Thank you all for your loving, caring hearts to be such a giant resource to help bring safe, clean drinking water to the so many children/family members hurting. We distributed 10 water filter setups in the Floating Village bringing safe drinking water to hundreds of children and family members…Blessings Rudy