Bringing Clean Water to our Southern Neighbors

Working with our partners at Spectrum Ministries of San Diego, Water For Life Charity has been able to distribute water filters to people in Tijuana who have no access to safe water.

Founded in 1981 by Pastor Von, Spectrum Ministries has taken thousands of adults and teenagers to Tijuana. Their humanitarian efforts have a visible impact on the families and communities with whom they work. 

Although it is just across the border from the United States, there are communities in Tijuana whose closest water sources are contaminated. Without access to adequate filtration systems, they are at risk for water-borne illness and disease. The simple water filters we are able to provide ensures that orphanages and families have their basic human need for clean water met.

Every Thursday and two Saturdays of the month, Spectrum volunteers visit seven distinct areas in Tijuana’s back hills. They focus their efforts on education, housing, nourishment, and children’s health. 

Without clean water, it is impossible to improve health and well-being. Providing Water For Life Charity’s water filters has positively impacted all aspects of the community’s quality of life.