We offer support & relief where too much or too little water affects human life

Dedicated to saving lives through clean water

Water For Life Charity supplies water filters and drills wells in developing countries lacking clean, safe drinking water. Our mission is to help women, children and families live bacteria-free, productive lives by providing the start of the solution where it is needed most. With the support of generous donors, we give the hope of life through clean water.

Get a Filter, Give a Filter

Transform lives with our "Get a Filter, Give a Filter" program, where you not only secure a portable VF100 water filter for yourself but also extend the gift of clean water to families and villages in need. This remarkable filter, endorsed by the World Health Organization, provides thousands of gallons of safe, chemical-free drinking water with an impressive flow rate. It connects effortlessly to various water sources, ensuring you're prepared for any situation. With its proven effectiveness against harmful bacteria and protozoa, this filter is your passport to healthy hydration. Make a lasting impact today, one sip at a time. Get your filter, and let's give the gift of water together.

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Water Projects

Our projects help individuals, families and communities across the globe. We currently have projects in Ukraine, Africa, India, Haiti, Mexico, and more.

Featured Project

Tanzania – Arusha

In March of 2022, ROAM Humanitarian partners visited Arusha, Tanzanian. Thirty volunteers traveled for more than 24 hours to deliver needed supply kits and 45 water filter.

The people in Arusha were amazed by the clean water and how quickly and easily the clean water came from the filters. Very rarely had any of the members of their community seen clean water so readily available through such small means.

Project organizer Lindsay Bowen shared that they “brought a lot of items that helped the people in the community, but the water filters were by far the most impactful. The people in the community kept commenting about how wonderful it was to have clean water.”

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Save Lives. Give Clean Water.

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The Problem: In one village 10 children were dying every month until they received Water for Life Charity filters.


The Solution: Watch what your donations and safe drinking water do to empower and change lives in Guatemala.


Your Help: Humanitarian efforts in East Ghats, India illustrate how Water for Life Charity donations and filters transform communities.

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