We offer support & relief to the world where too much or too little water affects human life

Dedicated to saving lives through clean water and clean living conditions

Water For Life Charity drills wells and supplies water filters to developing countries lacking safe, clean drinking water. A single water filter supplied has the capacity to purify over 100,000 gallons of water removing 99.9999% of water borne diseases. Water For Life Charity’s mission is to help women, children and families live bacteria free, productive lives. With the support of our generous donors, we give the hope of life through clean water. Save Lives. Give Clean Water.

Water Projects

Our projects are Global. We currently have projects in Africa, India, Haiti, Mexico, Cambodia and more.

Featured Project

Tanzania – Arusha

In March of 2022, supporters of Roam Humanitarian visited the Tanzanian area of Arusha. This group of 30 volunteers traveled for more than 24 hours to bring many helpful kits including 45 Water Filters.

As it does in every developing country we deliver filters to, the people in Arusha were amazed by the clean water. They could not believe how easy the assembly was and how quick the clean water came from the buckets. Very rarely had any of the members of their community seen clean water so readily available through such small means.

Organizer of the volunteer group, Lindsay Bowen, stated, “we brought a lot of items that helped the people in the community but the water filters were by far the most impactful. The people in the community kept commenting over and over how wonderful it was to have clean water.”

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Save Lives. Give Clean Water.

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The Problem: 10 children in this village were dying each month until they received the life saving filters we sent them…decide to be part of the solution.


The Solution: See the clean water miracles your donation will help provide to families in Guatemala.


Humanitarian efforts in East Ghats, India tell the story of how recently delivered Water For Life Charity Filters transformed their community

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