The Problem

Water: A Growing Crisis

The average individual in North America uses over 100 gallons of water every day. Individuals in developing countries, however, use less than 3 gallons of water every day. In addition to extreme water disparity, individuals and communities who lack access to water are often unable to access clean, safe drinking water.

According to the United Nations, almost two billion people across the world lack access to safe drinking water in their homes. The compromised and limited water systems that these individuals do have access to are frequently contaminated and contain waterborne diseases, including cholera. These illnesses typically affect children the most, leaving the most vulnerable at the highest risk.

For these individuals and communities even the most basic needs can be extremely difficult to meet. But in a world of scarcity and hardship, clean water changes everything

Countries, communities, families and people across the world live with poverty and the water crisis every day, but you can be a part of their solution. When we focus on water and enabling communities to access clean, safe drinking water, health, education, sanitation, and economic stability all improve.

The Solution

Filters: The Solution to the Water Crisis in Developing Countries

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How Does the Water for Life Charity Filter Work? Click here to see the filter technology.

Water for Life Charity has a simple yet far-reaching solution to the water crisis. While wells and larger infrastructure can take lifetimes to reach communities, filters quickly start the solution where it is needed most. Water for Life Charity developed a cost-efficient filter system that is small, portable, easy to use, and low maintenance. Filters allow for quick responses to small areas that are often be overlooked by larger organizations and infrastructure.

Fifty dollars covers the cost of one filter system and its shipping to provide an entire family and a few of their neighbors access to safe drinking water. With one filter, roughly 100 gallons of potable, safe drinking water is produced every day. With each system lasting for three to five years, one filter is capable of producing a total of one million gallons of clean water with minimal maintenance.

To accomplish our goal of providing sustainable water solutions to people in developing countries, Water for Life Charity is working to collect donations and build partnerships with as many organizations as possible to fund and distribute water filters for every family and community in need.

As Water for Life Charity continues to grow, we strive to work with organizations and partners that are established in specific project countries. This allows us to better connect with, understand and empower the local people and communities in their specific needs and circumstances.

Donate today to help solve the water crisis, one filter at a time.

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