Water project recap Spring 2024

Spring 2024 was a busy time for Water for Life Charity. And it was all possible because of you. 

Over the last several months we’ve distributed 1,287 VF100 water filters to five different countries. This means that 10,300 more individuals in the world have access to clean, safe water and the opportunities it brings. Thank you for being a part of these life-changing water projects. 

Learn more about each of our Spring 2024 clean water projects below. 

Bali, Indonesia

As a small nonprofit we are dedicated to focusing efforts and donations on water solutions instead of logistics. We partner with other like-minded organizations who are already going to in-need communities to help us distribute water filters and build wells. 

Our water project in Bali at the very beginning of spring was run by our long-standing partner ROAM Humanitarian. ROAM focuses on serving those in need through meaningful cultural and service experiences. 

The Bali water project shared 50 VF100 water filters with families living in the landfill in the Suwung community. With filters and assembly and maintenance training, these families will be able to access clean water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation for years to come. 

Dominican Republic

In another water project with our distribution partner ROAM Humanitarian, we delivered 25 filters to families in the Samana community in the Dominican Republic. This is our second time distributing filters to the Dominican Republic. While there is so much beauty and talent, there is also such a large need for clean water resources. We will be distributing more filters with this same group Spring 2025. 


Tanzania is a country that we go back to again and again with water filters and wells. This Tanzania water project was in partnership with ROAM Humanitarian. At the Maasai village local families assembled and learned to maintain their water filters, in addition to getting access to vision screenings, glasses and maternal health through other nonprofit organizations. 

Clean water and basic health should be accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live. We’re grateful for and in awe of all the people and organizations that come together to make healthy lives a reality across the world.

Our next water project with ROAM Humanitarian in Tanzania will be drilling a well and installing the water system for an orphanage, learning and community center. Donate today to help fund the water system for this incredible upcoming project. 


In our largest water project to-date, we partnered with our sister organization Water 4 Life Ministry to supply 1,000 water filters to mothers and children in Chimaltenango, Guatemala and the surrounding region. This is the first part of a larger initiative to provide and distribute 2,000 water filters to families in the surrounding Chimaltenango area. The second 1,000 filters will be distributed Summer 2024 by our in-country partners Sarape Social, funded by Kellanova Better Days

The communities and villages receiving water filters in this water project were chosen for their high rates of poverty and water contamination. At the end of this water project, 16,000 more individuals and children will have access to clean, safe water for drinking, cooking and sanitation. 

In addition to this main Guatemala water project, we also had a small group distribute 32 VF100 water filters in the Cobán, Guatemala region. 


Our most recent water project was in Fiji with ROAM Humanitarian. With so many islands, many remote communities lack the funding and infrastructure to access clean, safe water. For this project Water for Life Charity team members joined ROAM Humanitarian volunteers to distribute 110 water filters in several villages. During filter assembly trainings, individuals were also taught filter maintenance to help them continue to have clean water for themselves and their families for years to come. 

Sustainable water solutions are a large part of Water for Life Charity’s initiatives and overarching mission. While we fund and distribute filters and wells, trainings empower individuals to own the clean water process and maintain their water resources long after our organization has left their village.

During a visit to help a K-8 school in the village of Ucunivatu, Water for Life Charity volunteers also recognized the damaged state of tanks used to store drinking water. We’re excited to share that this year Water for Life Charity will be returning to the school with four new water storage tanks, as well as 25 more VF100 water filters for families in the village community. 

Together, we can change and save lives, one water filter and well at a time. Donate today to help us continue providing water filters and wells in developing countries around the world.

Photos courtesy of ROAM Humanitarian, Lisa Harbertson Photography, and Water for Life Charity.

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