After selling their home in Orange County, Water For Life Charity’s partners Jessica and Mark along with their two children moved their organization, Why Not Now Ministries, to Vietnam. In addition to building an orphanage in Vietnam so children have a safe haven, the couple spends time in Cambodia, saving children from the world of sex trafficking and working to get families clean and safe drinking water.

Many people are so impoverished that to survive, they sell their young children into sex trafficking. As for the drinking water, Jessica and Mark experienced this firsthand, finding it filthy and disease-ridden. Because of this, typhoid and other diseases take the lives of many children. Sawyer water filters eliminate such water contaminants.

The High Cost of Water

Inside each small hut is a cement container designated for water. Families pay $1 US to fill a single jug. It may not sound like much, but it takes a family approximately three days of salvaging and recycling just to earn the money for their water, which isn’t clean. Just one village is home to roughly 1,500 people, so to provide the people with safe water that will ultimately save lives and prevent the selling of children, Jessica and Mark are eager to return to the area.

Why Not Now Ministries has a goal of providing the people of Vietnam and Cambodia with a minimum of 500 water filters. To help communities thrive, Jessica and Mark want to eliminate payment for water and stop child trafficking.

To make a difference in the lives of innocent people, this couple formed a partnership with a local pastor. They provide education to the people there, including teaching trades.