Hello again supporters of Jordyn’s Journey…children and families are now drinking safe, clean water in Kenya, Africa because of your loving, caring hearts. This is a new partner for our Ministry who just recently saw our website and send us an email that their children are very sick and dying from contaminated water…..please help us.

They just received the first 5 filters the week of 1/13/2014 that we shipped to them and they showed them to their small church and they are asking for us to please ship them more filters for their entire village to have safe drinking water. Now that we know that the filters will safely reach them, we are hoping to ship at least 20 more filters as soon as possible….we need your help to do this.

Thank you for making all of this possible to help save these precious children from sickness and certain death!!

Letter from Maureen Kithonga

Greetings Water For Life Charity,

I in deep humility send heart felt greetings and prayers from Kenya. I have gone through your website and was so touched by the work you are doing. I come from Migwani are in Kitui county. Water has been a challenge to us. We majorly depend on dam water and other sources which takes over 1 hour of walking to find. The water is not clean and exposes entire families to waterborne diseases and many healthy issues for the over 250 children and other family members in our community. Am kindly seeking for a way we can partner together to help at least the children drink clean water. Thank you in advance and God Bless you. Sister Maureen