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Clean water and the African villagers of Arusha. Villagers welcoming the team

In March of 2022, supporters of Roam Humanitarian visited the Tanzanian area of Arusha. This group of 30 volunteers traveled for more than 24 hours to bring:

  • 75 Days for Girls Kits
  • 150 Doterra Hygiene Kits
  • 100 Hygiene Kits
  • 150 School Kits
  • 30 Prenatal / Postnatal Kits
  • 30 Sanitary Delivery Kits
  • 30 Newborn Kits
  • 500 Newborn Items
  • Donated a well ($25,000) to primary and middle school with 800 students
  • 45 Water Filters
Grateful villagers showing buckets and filters
Grateful villagers showing buckets and filters

The volunteers are part of an amazing non-profit organization called ROAM Humanitarian. With trips to Africa, Peru, Fiji and many more places, this partner has touched the lives of thousands of individuals living in developing countries lacking safe drinking water and other life necessities.

Justin Bowen training villagers on how to assembly filter kits
Justin Bowen training villagers on how to assembly filter kits

The Arusha area is no different in its want for a healthier life for its people.  The orphanage of Sabco lovingly cares for over 30 children and the Mdori Primary School educates over 800 children, all kids needing basic, fundamental life necessities. With the help of a partner organization Greater Life for a Brighter World, ROAM Humanitarian transported goods half way around the globe to help with new mothers in local rural villages.

The arrival of Clean WATER!
The arrival of Clean WATER!

With the help of partner Give Blockchain, the team build two new classrooms at the Sabco orphanage and put in a computer lab for the Pathways education at a local LDS church. Give Blockchain also donated 15 single mothers two weeks of food and gave two business grants in the form of sewing machines and supplies. 

As it does in every developing country we deliver filters to, the people in Arusha were amazed by the clean water. They could not believe how easy the assembly was and how quick the clean water came from the buckets. Very rarely had any of the members of their community seen clean water so readily available through such small means.

Organizer of the volunteer group, Lindsay Bowen, stated, “we brought a lot of items that helped the people in the community but the water filters were by far the most impactful. The people in the community kept commenting over and over how wonderful it was to have clean water.”

Below are videos and images of the team drilling holes in the buckets and assembling the filter packets.

Until you see it all in person, one can hardly imagine how challenging the circumstances are. In the picture and video (attached to email) below, volunteer, Sam Lind, is scooping dirty, bacterial contaminated water from a small bore hole. The task is laborious, time consuming and results in a container full of contaminated water that is normally used for cooking, cleaning and washing.

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Sam Lind retrieving water from contaminated bore hole.

Water For Life Charity would like to thank volunteers: Georgia, Sam, Mitch, Audrey, & Charles Lind, Lindsey, Justin, Denali, & Brecken Bowen from ROAM Humanitarian for working so hard to bring water filters to this community that had such a dire need for the basic human needs.