Teen Missions Spreads Hope

To reach impoverished people around the world, Teen Missions and Water For Life Charity formed a partnership so people can have safe drinking water thanks to filters.

Robert Bland, along with numerous men and women eager to get teenagers involved in missions, was successful in founding Teen Missions in 1970. The concept developed so quickly that during the first summer, the group headed to Mexico. Although it had a meager beginning, the program evolved into more than 30 teams that work in approximately 30 countries annually.

Teen Missions’ Vision

The vision was and continues to be about teaching teenagers the reality of life on the mission field. Thanks to Teen Missions, teenagers have been able to serve Jesus Christ through evangelism and various work projects.

With 29 overseas bases where national staff live and Bible schools operate, Teen Missions has the perfect locations for the Water For Life Charity water filters. As stated by Teen Missions’ Linda Maher, not only will those locations benefit from filters but the teams of North Americans who take short mission trips to different countries can take water filters with them in backpacks to help save innocent lives.

Teen Missions also runs 45 AIDS Orphan Rescue Units serving more than 10,000 children as well as thousands of widows; these units are based in Malawi, Uganda, Cameroon, Zambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Linda pointed out just how dire the need is to provide these people with safe drinking water.

Today, Teen Missions provides help in multiple ways. In addition to taking water filters to primary schools, this organization offers lifesaving medications and treatments for malaria, as well as training on clean water use, animal care, gardening, and proper nutrition. They also have a flourishing Sunday school program through which Teen Missions has the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.