We now get at least one email from a Pastor or Missionary every month now, that sees our website and writes to us with a variation on the theme, “Our children are dying from contaminated water….please help us.” Our 1st shipment is usually 5 filters to make sure that they get them and then we do our best to ship more filters as soon as we can. This is Pastor Renatus’s story in Tanzania:

I would like to take this opportunity to write to you this thank you letter on behalf of over 1000 kids and villagers for your support of filters from Sawyer you did for us. My people and I appreciate it and we acknowledge God for you. God bless you for your willing to support us this wonderful filters so that we can have clean and safe water and be able to stop water bones disease and U.T.I. You have been a great help and blessing. We have been able to distribute all the 30 filters sent two times to us to ten villages and the twenty pcs have been given to Nzega Primary school and this school has over 1000 kids who come to school and they are now getting clean and safe water thanks to your Ministry. . Also before the filters distribution, I was able to share the gospel and over 678 students and over 200 villagers to received Christ as their personal savior. I am planning to open a new church there because the entire village has no church. Most of them are practicing traditional beliefs. Again these Kids and villagers are happy and they send many greetings and appreciations and they have requested more filters so that they will be able to fix in their homes so that when the kids are at home they will continue to get more clean and safe water. Brother Rudy and dear supporters, I have been able to do this because of your prayers, beautiful hearts and donations you are doing for us here in Tanzania. God bless be with you all.

We love you all and we pray for you for the Lord to give you physical and spiritual healthy and also we pray for your financial situation. We pray that Our Lord will expand your Ministry and will help you and guide you and protect you as you do your business. Please Brother Rudy and the all the family of water 4 life ministry understand us and these appreciations come from the bottom of our hearts that we do not have good words to say, but in all may our Lord Jesus Christ keep you and expand your territories.

Again thank you for the filters support and we appreciate, we pray and hope that we will work hard and through your support many greater things will be accomplished for the Lord in Tanzania.

Renatus, Grace, Kellie, Janeth and Cosmas.