One of our brothers is just one man. He found our website and reached out to us via email, to provide him the life saving Sawyer water filters to help bring his family and others safe, clean drinking water in Pakistan. Of course, we helped. (First filters shipping by week of 4/23/12 )…read his story below:

“Thank you Water4Life Ministry for caring about us….the water filters you are providing will save many lives here.

These photographs are of a few of the people who live in villages I work with for the most oppressed and those who live in an abject poverty. As we can, we provide food, clothing, and basic supplies for those who are without the means of providing such necessities for themselves. We provide Medical assistance to those Poor Christian Patients have no medical facility of any sort due to predominate condition of poverty.

Sowing a seed of the Gospel of Risen King Jesus for Generations Support our efforts for the extension of God’s Kingdom among Particularly outcast forgotten Hindus tribes, its not just Evangelizing people but its Evangelizing Generations if we sow the seed of the word of God it may result fruitful in terms that the children will be born in Christian families and Gospel Faith will be pass on from one generation to another.

The money lenders who many are forced to use, often sexually exploit Christian women, torturing Christian men, women and their families.

When I say most oppressed ones, we Minister mostly to those who belongs to janitorial background ( like me ) and due to their profession they are considered to be less human, Hated, Abandoned and Isolated due to their Profession in our society but we firmly Believe that the Lord has shed his Precious Blood for us all alike and we are under obligation to treat them and love them alike as in the eyes of the Lord all Christians are equal regardless of their social status or profession, People hate them but we love them and serve them.