Bringing the World Together, One Drop at a Time

Water for Life's Indiegogo Campaign gives clean water

Water connects people around the world. Everyone recognizes the touch of water on the skin, whether it comes from rain, an ocean, or a river. Communities form around sources of water, because of how important it is for survival.

Unfortunately in many developing countries, water doesn’t connect people but separates them—through illness, disease, or in the worst cases, death.

Mission organizations from the U.S. are seeking to connect with people in impoverished areas and save lives by providing sources of clean, safe drinking water.

The Water for Life Indiegogo campaign launched in October 2015 to help more individuals support the efforts of these mission teams. Through donations, we can help more mission groups deliver water filters into impoverished areas that are in desperate need of clean water solutions.

Water for Life filters provide clean water in Ethiopia
Local girls from Babile, Ethiopia fill yellow water jugs at the area’s main water source. By CJTF-HOA (Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa) photo by Senior Airman Lael Huss [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Many mission groups have already found success with Water for Life filters in reaching developing communities in all parts of the world. The results of their work has stopped the spread of infectious diseases and helped people live healthier and longer lives.

Some of these success stories include:

In Uganda, mission members from Sports Outreach International (SOI) in Charlotte, NC work extensively with communities in the war-ravaged northern region of the country. Years of civil conflict have made life difficult for the people of Gulu, where the sole source of drinking water is a muddy spring often contaminated with bacteria and parasites.

With our water-purifying filters, SOI members saved lives in Gulu and other communities in northern Uganda, by spreading access to safe, clean drinking water.

In Haiti, a devastating earthquake in 2010 killed thousands and left over one million people homeless. After the earthquake, a cholera epidemic swept the country, as poor sanitation and contaminated water supplies helped spread the disease.

Mission members from Hope for the Nations partnered with Haiti-based pastors to assist prevention efforts at the Cholera Treatment Center. Water for Life filters were at the center of their partnership. Our filters offered a simple and cost-effective solution for decontaminating water and controlling the outbreak of cholera in Haitian communities.

In Cambodia, the founders of Why Not Now Ministries—a married couple from Orange County, CA—saw first-hand how the lack of clean drinking water led to suffering and hardship in impoverished communities.

Water is a precious and expensive commodity in Southeast Asia, even though the water many families rely on spreads typhoid and other diseases. Why Not Now Ministries is looking to provide 500 Water for Life filters in communities throughout Cambodia. Water for Life donations will help them fulfill the goals of their mission.

Water for Life filters link the work of charities and mission organizations in the developed world with the needs of impoverished communities for clean and safe drinking water.

Water for Life fundraising supports the distribution of our simple and easy-to-use filters. Every dollar we raise through our Indiegogo campaign will go toward saving lives and sustaining communities around the world.

Help our partners deliver this life-changing technology to the people who are in the greatest need. Every drop of clean water helps build stronger connections in communities all over the globe.

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