Water For Life Charity’s Work In Cobán Guatemala

Water For Life Charity’s Work In Cobán Guatemala

Guatemala has the highest malnutrition rates in the Western Hemisphere, and rural areas like Cobán are particularly affected. The high malnutrition rate of children is primarily due to families lacking clean, safe drinking water and the means to provide nutritious food for their children.

Our team of volunteers has been on several missions to this village and has helped this community by providing them with several water filter kits. Water For Life Charity board member and volunteer, Carlos Iglesias, has not only helped with the water filtration systems, but he was also the one who helped us translate to this beautiful Spanish-speaking community.

Carlos has been on several trips to Guatemala in the past 10 years and one of the highlights of his effort is always bringing safe drinking water to the people of Guatemala.

“I visited this town that does not have running water, nor does not have access to clean water. The crisis in Cobán, Guatemala is unique and challenging simply because there was so little water. The only water available was rain water collected in small holes in the ground and it is a hundred percent contaminated with water borne diseases. Although they drink it and hope not to get sick – most of them actually get sick and some of the children die. Our mission for this trip is to help this community with access to clean water and show them how our life saving water filters can change their lives.” Carlos said.

Water For Life Volunteer teaching local resident how to assembly a filter kit.

While on these trips, Carlos trained dozens of local leaders and health professionals on how to assemble and maintain the filter systems. He also trained the local community members on how to use and back flush the filters when the flow rate slows.

Carlos’ training also included how to drill the holes in buckets to construct the filter assembly when they introduce a new kit to another family in need of filtered water.

The Cobán community could not have been happier now that they will have thousands of gallons of clean water for years to come. With many GRACIAS to Carlos for translating and teaching these good people how to set up the lifesaving water filters, and to the Water For Life Charity team for making this possible!

See you on the next mission!

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