A water solution for all: Water filters and clean water wells 

The world water crisis affects different communities in different ways. And just as no community is the same, neither are water solutions. 

Water for Life Charity works with local partnering organizations and local leadership to determine which water solution tool is best to meet the needs of individuals, families and children in each locality we work with. 

Easily transportable and low-maintenance VF100 water filter kits are a great solution for rural and more remote communities that may not have access to electricity and other resources. Water filters also quickly bring an easily-accessible water solution to areas after catastrophes hit. We have brought water filters to numerous countries, including Ukraine, the Gaza Strip, Guatemala, Tanzania, and Nepal. 

In larger communities and towns that have a greater need for water, however, a more extensive water solution is needed. 

As Water for Life Charity qualifies and quantifies regional water needs, we work with local contractors and partners in these larger communities to build clean water wells. The typical 250-foot deep (76 meter) well that Water for Life Charity drills costs about $12,000 to install but provides clean, sustainable drinking water for 500-1,500 people.

Part of our meetings with local contractors and leadership involve determining which type of well will best meet individual needs within communities, with the resources they already have available to them. Based on water levels, estimated well production rates, and access to electricity, communities can best benefit from an electric submersible pump, a hand pump, or a solar pump. 

To help communities take ownership of their water project, our agreement with local communities is that they provide a tank (typically holding 5,000-10,000 liters of water) and a raised tank pad to hold the water from the well, which will have spigots attached to it to allow for the dispensing of water into containers.

Water for Life Charity has installed six wells and is in the process of building several more. The wells we have installed are providing clean, safe water for drinking and sanitation for approximately 4,500 individuals. This means that 4,500 people now have a dependable source of clean, sustainable drinking water. This is 4,500 people who can now go to school, seek out employment opportunities, and have improved health because of clean water. 
Learn more about our clean water wells and our drilling process, or donate today to help bring clean water to communities around the world, one well or filter at a time.

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